Elegant Mother of the bride with Landybridal

Such emotions go through my head when I think about my wedding day...
Some might think that only the bride and the groom have great expectations and some sort of stress in that day but let me tell you that the parents as well get so emotional, they cry and then they laugh and cry tears of joy again.
It's all that mix of emotions that make the wedding day a memorable one.
One of my biggest concerns was, of course, my wedding dress.
But the second one would never have guessed... my mother's dress.
It had to be perfect...just like mine... and it was! I was so amazed on how she looked, so proud of her.
Everybody told me she looked like she was 35 years old. Haha. No kiddin'.
So I think that the mother of the bride is a very important guest on a wedding so it has to look exceptional.
To help you and your mother, or even your husband's mother look great on your most important day I made a selection with some beautiful  mother of the bride dresses from Landybridal.
First dress is this Gorgeous Sheath-Column Floor Length Mother of The Bride Dress in this light gray shade, with V neck, made from chiffon. You can find it in a light blue color as well.
The second dress is a Classic Knee Length Mother of The Bride Dress, paired with a satin bolero. I love the navy color of it, such a classic and elegant dress. 
I picked this Sheath-Column Floor Length Tulle Mother of The Bride Dress because of the half sleeve (most mothers like it), the V-neck that suits all busts and because I love the color.
Discounts are always wellcome so go and buy sale dresses for your special mother.


Wedding dresses from Cocomelody

Autumn weddings are sometimes the most romantic weddings ever.
So nostalgic, warm, peaceful.
Maybe I think so because I was born in the autumn, but the thing is that I always remember details about autumn weddings that I attended - the lovely colorful decors, the bride's bouquet and dress, the vibrant sunset of that day that made us all look wonderful in the wedding pictures.
 Here are some romantic wedding dresses for an autumn day - I found them on Cocomelody
I love this mermaid dress, such a wonderful embelished gown.
Another gorgeous trumpet mermaid wedding dress is this delicate one.
Short dresses like this ball gown dress are elegant too.
Find other ball gown wedding dresses here.
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because saving money is always a good idea.


Cocktail dresses

Hello, ladies.
I've always wondered when going to a party what to wear : a long or a short dress.
And let me tell you why is so hard to pick. I've made a list with 3 strong motives for each category.

The long dress:
  1. looks so elegant
  2. is charming
  3. makes you instantly the princess of the night.
 The short dress:
  1. makes you feel younger
  2. is playful
  3. allows you to dance all night.
So that is why I cannot always decide what to wear on an elegant event.

Sometimes is easier because I start by buying the shoes first so the dress I will choose is the one that fits best my shoes.
I know is crazy choosing the accessories first and than the dress (the shoes in this case), but sometimes helps me more to decide even faster.
So let me show you some beautiful long and short cocktail dresses and you will tell me if it is easy for you to decide which dress to choose. 
This dress looks so elegant and feminine.
Love the corset details on this amazing short dress.
This dress has an amazing color - fuchsia is the new red!
I could dance all night in this amazing dress.
Rosa Novias is a site full of wedding dresses and with special occasion dresses.
Take a look inside and discover you dream dress.


Evening dresses from Dresswe

Hello, ladies.
I know you all like dresses, I love them too.
And a big problem is when we have an important event and when we open the closet we say:
"Oh, my God, I have nothing to wear!".
Men don't get it...
They will display a lot of dresses thet we already have saying: " have plenty of dresses..."
But the thing is that this is now what we really mean - we want to say that we don't have
The one and only, the wonderful, the amazing, the most special one...
 So if you are tired of your old dresses and want to be prepared for your next event, take a look at my picks for you from Dresswe
Love the colors - is such a wonderful and feminine dress.
 A lot of dresses  are waiting for you to discover:  
- cheap prom dresses for you special night  
(also good news is that they have even plus size prom dresses 
- or even maternity evening dresses because future moms have to look good too, right? 
Kisses, girls, and I hope you will find your special dress.