Sweater Dress trend with Tidestore

Hello, girls.
You know that Monday is the hardest day of the week and it's so difficult to put us back on our feet after a busy and also fun weekend.
And for me, personally, even more difficult is to choose the outfit of the day because I never-ever sort them a night before. I always rely on my moment of inspiration...
But what inspiration to have on a Monday morning when we are so sad that the weekend is over and a new full week at the office is just beginning?...
Well, I found out that a more easy way to dress ourselves stylish yet not complicated at all is to choose some versatile items and combine them with some cute accesories and we're done!
And for the past weeks I've been literally loving the sweater dress. The season is perfect to wear it and it also keeps us warm. Accessorize the sweater dress with a belt (fancy or a simple one) or add a cute necklace or a nice bracelet.
As for shoes I like the ankle boots or over-the-knee boots. And because in my town is a rainy weather, I will also wear my camel fedora for a last touch of the outfit.
 I'm in love with these sweater dresses from

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Kisses, girls!


Adorable Christmas beddings from Beddinginn

Hello, ladies.
I don't know about you, but for me when it comes to Christmas, the  holiday spirit gets into my soul in early november mostly because I can't wait it to come. It's my favorite time of the year! 
Friends and family will come for 3 or 4 days visit so my house should be very well prepared so that everyone can embrace the Christmas cheer and feel like home. 
Besides the big and fluffy tree and the traditional Christmas decorations around the house, this year I thought it would be a lovely surprise for my guests if every room had a  holiday theme bedding, adding a fun and colorful atmosphere. Red, white and green always gets me in a cheer mood!
The fabric should be very comfy and look pretty just like flannel and cotton blend and the patterns I'm thinking include snowflakes, joyful reindeers, Santa and his sleigh and green Christmas tree.
Here are some adorable christmas bedding 2014 that I found out on Beddinginn and you can choose one of the cheap christmas bedding sets for an ultimate decorated home or even to make a lovely present, offering a christmas bedding queen to your loved ones.
Snowflakes is definetly my beloved symbol and print as well:
 This intense blue print bedding really stands out and is one of my favorites.
It's snowing outside and I have snow on my pillow. Amazing...
Or maybe you prefer a red one, like Rudolph's nose?
Try a more simple pattern for a traditional holiday:
Spread christmas cheer all over the room with this bedding:
I really think that children will enjoy this cute and lovely skiing cartoon pigs print bedding set: delivers worldwide and that's a great thing for all of us. 
Witch one of these amazing Christmas bedding cought your attention?
For more of this gorgeous beddings CLICK HERE.

And remember: you need to take a goodnight sleep because you have 
to open a lot of presents in the Christmas morning, right?
Kisses, ladies!